Everybody Matters

We are making our cities more accessible,
one step-free place at a time

pessoa em cadeira de rodas a verificar um mapa do metro de Lisboa

“Nothing about us without us”

We offer a wide range of services focused on users. Our work methods allow us to collect precise data and valuable information to deliver better accessibility solutions for your services.


Analysis is extremely important. This is why we carefully analyse data and spaces to provide you with the best solutions that fits your costumer needs.

Pessoa em cadeira de rodas junto à porta de um eléctrico inacessível. Para recolha de informação visual

Data Models

We develop data models to collect accessibility information to be used on several projects and on decision making processes.


We work with disabled people to improve data quality and to have high quality information to deliver the best results to our costumers.

Grupo de passageiros a realizar recolha de dados numa paragem de autocarro

sala de formação com pessoas a assistir a formação da city able


Training is essential to deliver high quality services to your costumers. We develop innovative training sessions to improve your costumers satisfaction and your level of service.

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We work with passengers in a co-productive way to deliver high quality data and solutions to our costumers