We are experts on co-production and co-design. Work with us to know more about how we develop and conduct co-production methodologies.

By working directly with disabled people, and persons with conditioned mobility, we aim to develop solutions to solve complex accessibility issues. These solutions are always better when developed with the ones who use the services.

Our Co-production projects

Mapping Accessible Transport Infrastructure

This project, for European Commission, aims to facilitate and increase the distribution of personalised travel information for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility (PRM).

We have developed a methodology to collect data regarding accessibility on public transportation infrastructures. This was tested in Lisbon with a group of people with different access needs and is available for everyone for free.

Find out more about this project on project final report


The TRIPS project is dedicated to the creation of processes that are co-designed with/by/for persons with disabilities.This approach allows people, disabled by inaccessible environments, to take the leading role in designing accessible and usable transport systems. By focusing on the experience and needs of disabled people, we aim to directly address a wide variety of barriers (for example age, health, or language) in current urban transport systems.

We are responsible for the Lisbon’s Core User Team, in collaboration with Carris.

Find out more about this project on TRIPS website


EMEL is the parking and mobility company in Lisbon. Trough RESTART project, EMEL aims to develop guidelines to better design bus terminals in Lisboa.

We used our accessibility data model tools to precisely analyse five bus terminals in Lisboa, with a group of passengers. From this on-field analysis, we have developed two reports that will help with the aim of the project, and with future improvements on these bus terminals.